Monday, June 26, 2017


This is it, students: the final day of the 1st session.  Don't quit, the end is in sight!

On this final day, we will begin immediately with the Lab "Production of SrCO2", which you should've already set up in your Composition Book.   The precipitate produced in this lab will be cured in a drying oven during the morning, and while we are waiting for that to determine our final data points, we will rehearse stoichiometry problems involving MOLARITY.

Any outstanding work from prior to the final day must be handed in by the 10:45 Break on Tuesday, no exceptions.

Your FINAL will be given after the Break.   Like the previous tests, it will contain a multiple-choice section graded on a SCANTRON and a series of Calculations.

The test is comprehensive for the session and includes the following (use the links!) :

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