Monday, June 26, 2017


Students: HERE are the Power Point Notes on 'Stoichiometry of Fluids' given in the first two weeks of Unit 4, the final unit of the Fall semester in Mr. Hatfield's Chemistry classes.   

This section of notes covers problems having to do with molar volumes of gases, limiting reactants and percent yield, molar concentrations and other properties of solutions.   A Study Guide based on these notes is available HERE in PDF form.

Students, here is the video shown in class, in which Paul Andersen demonstrates limiting reactant and percent yield problems:

The worksheet based on this video is available as a PDF file HERE.

Students can watch Paul Andersen's discussion of solutions and their properties as many times as needed here, on-line, in the video embedded below:

Students can also access the PDF version of the worksheet given in class, based on this video, HERE.

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