Thursday, February 23, 2017


The following video by Paul Anderson was introduced in class on Thursday, Feb. 23rd.   It helpfully reviews some of the information already given in lecture regarding heat and the enthalpy of reactions. It also features a very handy, step-by-step demonstration of how to apply Hess's Law (a SUBTLE and advanced topic) to calculate enthalpies.

Students have an assignment based on that video, which is available HERE as a PDF file.


Students:  We have begun Unit 6, which is concerned with thermochemistry, rates of reaction and factors (such as heat or pH) that affect those rates.   Our syllabus can be found below.   Students received a hard-copy of this in class.   They should use it as a 'checklist' to keep track of major assignments and when they are due:

As for the 'GAS LAW Poster Project':  students can either work on their own, or with a partner.  This is a major 75-point assignment, due on Monday, Feb. 27th.  Students should've already been assigned a gas law and an accompanying situation that applies that law for their poster.  The guidelines for this assignment are found below:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Paul Anderson helps us out again.   This video has a great set of demonstrations using a set of interactive animations.   Students are expected to complete a worksheet based on this video: